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Tibb e Luqmani Pdf Book Free Download

Tibb e Luqmani Pdf Book Free Download

Tibb e Luqmani Pdf Book Free Download,Hikmat Urdu book “Tibb-e-Luqmani” and read the herbal recipes in the Urdu language. “Tibb-e-Luqmani” is the title name of this Urdu book which is authored by Hakeem Ghulam Mustafa Hasilpuri who is famous Hakeem in Pakistan. This book will enable you to treat your diseases at your home because the author Hakeem Ghulam Mustafa Hasil Puri has shared his secret herbal recipe to cure different diseases. The author has spotlighted very major diseases and has written the recipe to cure such diseases at your home. Tibb-e-Luqmani is a useful Urdu book for all those people who are interested in Herbal and Tibb . There are more than 60 diseases discussed in Tibb e Luqmani book by Ghulam Mustafa Hasilpuri. These Herbal formulas are in easy Urdu words. You have just to buy these herbs from Pansar shop and make the recipe. The writer, Ghulam Mustafa has narrated how to make herbs to cure the diseases




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