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Suspense Digest November 2016 Download

Suspense Digest November 2016


Suspense Digest November 2016
Suspense Digest November 2016 ,November 2016 Edition of Suspense Digest Digest is now available to read online or download.Suspense Digest is a famous digest and contains stories from famous authors it include short stories and long novels.Suspense Digest It has some permanent sections like poetry and letters etc.Suspense Digest is an old digests and is continuing its journey successfully.

Suspense Digest of November 2016 Edition is as follow:-

  1. Marvi By Mohi Ud Din Nawab Episode 36
  2. Shesh Mehal By Asma Qadri Episode 15
  3. Ghullam Badshah By Ilyas Seeta Poori
  4. Jhoota Khawab By Tanveer Riaz
  5. Mama Loosi Posi Maryia By Dr Sher Shah Syed
  6. Chok By Saleem Anwar
  7. Aahni Grift By Mirza Amjad Baig
  8. Chragh By Manzar Imam
  9. Chkma By Samar Abbas
  10. Komal By Ali Akhtar
  11. Ameer Khusroo By Zia Tasneem Bilgrami
  12. Manoos Ajnabi By Farhat Jameelah
  13. Be Aytnaa By Nashoor Hadi


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