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Microsoft Excel Programming Tutorial Book

Microsoft Excel Programming Tutorial Book

Microsoft Excel Programming Tutorial Book
Download Microsoft Excel Programing Your visual blueprint for creating interactive spreadsheets. Written by Denise Etheridge, who is a certified public accountant as well as the president and founder of Baycon Group, Inc. She publishes Web sites and author’s computer related books.


As you probably know, Microsoft Excel is an electronic worksheet you can use for a variety of purposes, including the following: maintain lists; perform mathematical, financial, and statistical calculations; create charts; analyze your data with PivotTables; locate data; find trends in your data; and present your data to others.
This book is about automating the tasks you perform in Excel by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can use VBA to automate those repetitive tasks you perform frequently. For example, if the layout of your monthly report rarely changes, you can use VBA to set up your report each month. VBA is a programming language; however, you do not have to be a programmer to automate the tasks you perform in Excel.
You can also automate a task by using the macro recorder to create a macro. A macro is a recording of the steps you want to automate. You just click a button to turn on the macro recorder and begin performing the steps as you normally would. Excel records each step and creates the VBA code. When you finish, you click the Stop Record button. When you select your macro in the Macro dialog box and then click the Run button, Excel plays back the steps you recorded. For example, if you record the steps necessary to set up your monthly report, all you have to do each month thereafter is click a button and Excel automatically sets up your report.



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