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Kitab Ut Tibb Pdf Book Free Download

Kitab Ut Tibb Pdf Book

Kitab Ut Tibb Pdf Book

Urdu book “Kitab Ut Tibb” is here for free download and read online. This Urdu book is authored by Mr. Mohammad Suleman Ghafaralah who is a well known Urdu author. He has authored many other Urdu books about health but Kitab Ut Tib is one of his best Urdu books. He is best known for his Urdu books.

This book is the masterpiece of Mohammad Suleman Ghafaralah who has worked hard to create such a beautiful and useful Urdu book about health. This book is also a hakeemi book because the author has written the introduction of Tibb. Kitab Ut Tibb is the title name of this book which means The Book of Medicine. In this book the author has narrated remedies of different type diseases in plain Urdu language. Any one who want to become a Hakeem, should read this awesome Urdu book. Anyone can download this book easily and free.

The author has also written about Hajama in this book. Mohammad Suleman Ghafaralah has compiled this book in the light of Islam because he has also mentioned the related Hadiths and verses of the Holy Quran about the health. The author has also written about heart diseases, diabetes, stomach diseases, perpetual flue and cancer.



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