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Free Download Simple Countdown for Windows/Linux

Free Download Simple Countdown for Windows/Linux


Simple countdown is very simple and useful system utility for your Windows computer. Simple countdown is also known as a simple countdown bar. This application is also available for Linux operating system. Simple countdown is developed by Dania Qt and is absolutely free.

You can easily get this application by clicking the download link below. After downloading, you are ready to start this program. There is no need to install it on your computer as a portable application. After unzipping the folder, open the unzipped folder named “Countdown bars Windows”. Now open each folder in and find you to find various files. To start the program, you can run the program CountDownApp. They are the only bar that is created by default with the program see. You can add more countdown bar according to your wish. It is flexible as you can etc for your reminder set any year, date and hour.


Simple countdown program requires some configuration. This is a basic HTML configuration that you edit or add slightly to your liking. To edit or add more bars, open the file “CounterBarParam”. This is an XML file, so that you can open it with Notepad or Notepad ++. When you open it, you will see some coding, as shown in the below snapshot.
Skip the first line and copy the code form the second line <bar name …. until the end tag </ bar>. Now paste it directly below the trailing edge tag and before the </ document> tag, as you can see in the picture.




To your start time and end time according to your need to change the numerical values​​. For example, if you want to start then counter 2014 between <start year> tag set of current time. If you want it, then it must be so; <start year> 2014 </ start year>. You can see the example in the picture below.
Then save the file and close it. To display the bar in the program, you need to close the program and start it again from CountDownApp. Now you have created your own bar just see below the Standard toolbar, as shown below. You can specify the name instead of as in Example 1 to change its own.



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